Activity Group, Al-Nour Islamic Center


1. Overview and objectives

The ‘Outdoor Cleaning’ is part of the activities conducted under the Activity Group of Al-Nour Islamic Center as recognized by its constitution. ‘Outdoor Cleaning’ consists of getting the Muslim community spend time twice a year to clean the neighborhoods of Al-Nour Islamic Center. The objectives are, among others, the followings:

-Make the surroundings of Al-Nour Islamic Center clean as recommended by Islam;

-Participate in community development;

-Promote Islam and its values to non-Muslims living around.


2. Venue

The ‘Outdoor Cleaning’ is expected to cover the close surroundings of Al-Nour Islamic Center. The close surroundings means the two parks near the Center and the adjacent streets close to Fukuoka Masjid.

Let’s define the place the outdoor cleaning should cover.


3. Needs

(1) People: all brothers (and sisters) form all communities are kindly requested to take part.

(2) Plastic bags

(3) Gloves

(4) etc.


4. Tentative schedule

The ‘Outdoor Cleaning’ is supposed to take part twice a year, namely in May and October. The tentative schedule is as follows:

(1) First Outdoor Cleaning

Date: 2012, May 19th (Saturday)

Time: 10:00~12:00

(2) Second Outdoor Cleaning

Date: 2012, September 15th (Saturday)

Time: 10:00~12:00


5. Others

Outdoor cleaning by Japanese neighbors

We urge some brothers (two or more) to volunteer and participate in the outdoor cleaning organized by the neighbors of Al-Nour Islamic Center. This can also foster the relationship between our community and the non-Muslim neighbors.

Comments and suggestions



(1) Inform the ward office (legal issues)

(2) T-Sheets with Al-Nour Islamic Center printed on them?

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