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Part-time job in a car company for a women


In general, is it permitted to do part-time job in a car company for a women where there are also many male working and the women needs to interact with them for different task as for example the man helps her in understanding the task though the women wears hijab (Covers her haead)and other parts of the body.

For a Muslim woman’s work, If her work involves continually and mixing with men, we advise her to leave this job and look for another, or to move to another department in the same company where there are not too much mixing.

If her work does not involve continually mixing with men, then there is nothing wrong with staying in the job, so long as she is doing her job and doing her Muslim’s duties without any disturbance.


City tax and health insurance


Is it mandatory in Islam to pay city tax and health insurance in Japan for a muslim?

The Question
1- Charging taxes is allowed because the authorities spend it on various projects to build the country’s infrastructure, So the Muslim who lives in any country, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, he must fully respects the laws and be a model of good Muslim, he have to pay taxes same as other people and to avoid any way of evasion.

Note: It is not allowed to calculate the taxes from Zakat, Because Zakat is obligatory and must be spent to a certain Categories.

Sheikh Hussain Yee program at Fukuoka Masjid


Dear respected brothers and sisters

Alsalam Alaykum Wa Rahmato Allah Wabarakatuh

On behalf of Fukuoka Masjid committee, it is my pleasure to invite all of you to attend next Friday and Saturday program in Fukuoka Masjid with respected Sheikh Hussain Yee

The program will be as following

Thank you for your coming to the MSAJ 4th Leadership Program (IWLA) 2013


Dear Brothers,
On behalf of MSAJ-CEC, we would like to thank you all for your coming to the MSAJ 4th Leadership Program (IWLA), 27-29 April 2013 in Fukuoka, Japan.

The Program was successful because of your participants. Still you effort is very important to see the fruitful of this year Leadership Program. Remember that the real success of the program will depends on your own activity in transferring the idea/outputs of this year program to your brothers in your local community.

Part-time job in a newspaper company

The Question:

1. In general case, is it permitted to do part-time job in a newspaper company, where the task is to deliver the newspapers in the houses. My question arises as in newspapers they provided different additional posters those are for the advertisement of many non-islamic matters such as foods with pork, female pictures and many others.

The answer:
Newspapers and magazines which contain mostly permissible material, such as local and international news, and some intellectual and political articles, and some scientific articles and other permissible things.

They may not be not free of some pictures of adorned women or some liberal articles or unacceptable ideas, but most of what they contain is permissible. There is nothing wrong with selling these, buying them and distributing them, because the permissible aspect outweighs the unacceptable,

Our advice to you if you find another permissible work is to give up this job, even if the pay is less.

We ask Allah to suffice us with that which He has permitted so that we will have no need of that which He has forbidden.