City tax and health insurance


Is it mandatory in Islam to pay city tax and health insurance in Japan for a muslim?

The Question
1- Charging taxes is allowed because the authorities spend it on various projects to build the country’s infrastructure, So the Muslim who lives in any country, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, he must fully respects the laws and be a model of good Muslim, he have to pay taxes same as other people and to avoid any way of evasion.

Note: It is not allowed to calculate the taxes from Zakat, Because Zakat is obligatory and must be spent to a certain Categories.

2- When a person is compelled to take out health insurance or he is in great need of it because he is not able to cover the cost of treatment from his pocket without having insurance.

This is a need which makes it permissible to deal with health insurance according to a number of scholars, because the reason for the prohibition on this insurance is the ambiguity and the element of gambling, not riba. When it is like that, it is permissible in the case of need.

The nature of the ambiguity is that the individual pays money but does not know whether his benefiting from medical services will be equal to that or more or less.

Imam Ibn Taymiyah (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

“Ambiguous transactions are forbidden because they are a kind of gambling which may lead to consuming people’s wealth unlawfully. But if that is countered by a greater harm, that makes it permissible so as to ward off the greater of two evils by putting up with the lesser. And Allah knows best”. End quote from Majmoo‘ al-Fataawa, 29/483.

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