Invitation to lecture by Imam El-Haram


Assalamualaikum. Dear respected Brothers and Sisters,

I hope this mail find you fine and in best conditions

Alhamdulillah, the Shahrul Mubarok, Ramadan, is approaching. We really have to prepare our best for this month to get much of advantages and maghfiroh from Allah SWT. In this regard, tomorrow in shaa Allah Dr Adel Al Kalbani, The Imam of Al-Masjid El-Haram will visit Fukuoka to give lecture about “Preparing of Ramadan” .

Fukuoka Masjid invites all of you to attend this important lecture.


Date: June 23, 2013 (Sunday)
Venue: Fukuoka Masjid
Time: After Asr ( 16:30 JST )

(first floor for men , second floor for women , kids are not allowed to attend in the main halls they can stay with mothers at third floor ,or staying with fathers at basement and please do not let them move between floors ) .

Hoping to see All of there
Fukuoka Masjid

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