Ramadan Activities

Fukuoka Masjid will support different kinds of Activities during the Holy Month of Ramadan, in which, we hope that all Muslims in Fukuoka city and Kyushu Area participate.

The activities are, but not limited:

  1. Daily Breakfast (EFTAR): every day, Fukuoka Masjid will support EFTAR inside the Masjid.
  2. Saturday 20th July will be program for Japanese friends and Neighbors please invite your friends (the details will send soon )
  3. Sunday Grand Breakfast (EFTAR): every Sunday, one Muslim community in Fukuoka will support a grand EFTAR for all. The schedule of Eftar for the communities will be as follow :
    The community who will supply the grand Iftar , they have to take the responsibility about cleaning for this week Indonesia from 10th July to 16th July , Malaysia from 17th July to 23rd July , Arab from 24th July 30th July , Bangladesh from 31 July to 6th August ,.
    Every community suppose to come in its week 45 before the Magrib prayer to prepare the Iftar , then they have to clean after Iftar basement for and third floor for women .
  4. Tarawih Prayer: Ishaa and Tarawih will start after 10 minutes after Ishaa Azan and the duration of all prayers will take one hour (First 15 days from 9.10 to 10.10, Last 15 days from 9 to 10)Sheik Mohamed Elashmar will lead Tarawih prayer this year.
  5. Quran Competitions: Fukuoka Masjid will support a Quran Competitions for Arab and Non Arab for both kids and Adults. For more information, please visit http://fukuokamasjid.org
  6. Charities. Zakat Al-Fitr and Zakat Al-mal,
    Fukuoka Masjid will have the responsibility to distribute zakat Al-Fitr and Zakat Al-mal (charity of money). Deadline for zakat Al-Fitr is 27th of Ramadan. Later, we will announce about exact value.
  7.  EATEKAF Program and Tahajjud Prayer (During the Last ten Days of Ramadan)
    Fukuoka Masjid will establish an EATEKAF program and Tahajjud Prayer will start from 2:00 AM until Sahur, which will also be supported by the Masjid every night. For more details please visit http://fukuokamasjid.org/.
  8. Islamic Lessons and Lecturers during the Holy Month of Ramadan: Fukuoka Masjid will support different schedules for Islamic lessons and lectures during the Holy Month.
    Every day : everyday there is a short lecture around 30 minutes before Maghrib By Dr Nooreldeen Imam of Fukuoka MasjidEvery Saturday : every Saturday , A lecture in one Islamic topic will be given from 6:00 PM until Maghrib Prayer By Dr Nooreldeen Imam of Fukuoka Masjid .In Between Tarawih Prayer Short Speech: Everyday in Ramadan between Tarawih prayer, a short speech about one Islamic topic will be given By Dr Nooreldeen Imam of Fukuoka Masjid .In Between Tahajjud Prayer Short Speech: Every night in last ten days in Ramadan and In between Tahajjud prayer, a short speech about one Islamic topic will be give.Quran Recitation Circles and Tajweed rules practicing: after Fajr Prayer, a Quran Circles will be held for Arab and Non Arab, Where will be training to read Quran correctly in accordance with the rules of Tajweed, Also, the teachers will be available during the month’s days for any questions and explanations.
  9. Eid ELFTR Prayer: Eid Al-Fitr Prayer will be held in the Masjid at 9:15 AM.


  1. All Islamic Lecturers and Lessons during the Holy month will be given in English.
  2. The Park area will be available for bicycles only during gathering activities like Grand EFTAR, EID ELFTR prayer…etc.
  3. The most important note is our neighbors: please try to keep quite and don’t disturb our neighbors as much as you can, and improve their image toward us.

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