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Using “We” and “I” to refer “Allah”


Assalamualykum dear Imam Mohsen.

In Qur’an translation, sometimes the “We” is used to refer “Allah” and sometimes the “I” is used to refer “Allah”.

Can you explain why (and when) we use both “We” and “I” to refer “Allah”?


Quran Class for Kids


Brothers and sisters,
Assalamu Alaikum

I am writing for “Kids Quran Class” which shall begin tomorrow.

Class information:
1- The class is twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) for one hour each class (6 pm – 7 pm).
2- We have three levels.
3- The tuition fee is 2000 Yen per child.
4- Transportation (place & time):
– The first stop is front of Shiroham School at 5:10 pm.
– The second stop is front of the Friend Shop at 5:15 pm.
– The third stop is in Takasuma Danchi at 5:40 pm.

All the best,


Al-amaanah in the concept of Islam



Assalamualykum dear Imam Mohsen.

Let’s say, we were discussing something in a group. Later, for some reasons I personally share and discuss some points on the same issue with a person explicitly mentioning that it’s personal. If that person secretly/covertly inform others about my personal sharing without my knowledge or permission, then will it be considered as a “breach of trust”?

Is it that money and wealth are only Amanah? Are words, personal email, letters etc. not Amanah?

How important this manner (be trustworthy) is for the Muslim to learn and follow?

N.B.: These are the definitions of “personal” in the English dictionary.
Personal (adjective)
1. of, pertaining to, or coming as from a particular person; individual; private.
2. relating to, directed to, or intended for a particular person.
3. intended for use by one person.
4. referring or directed to a particular person in a disparaging or offensive sense or manner.


Saturday Weekly Gathering


Dear respected Brothers,

Bismillah, Alhamdulillah. peace be unto you..

All praises and glories are belong to Almighty God, the creator of the heavens and the earth, king of the kings..peace and blessings goes to our last and final prophet Muhammad SAW including his family members and companions..

Detail of this week gathering are followed;

Details of this week gathering are followed;
Date: Sept 28, 2013 (Saturday)
Time: After Fajr congregational prayer (prayer time 5.20am)
Venue: Masjid basement
Speaker: Dr. Noorudeen
Light breakfast: Indonesian brothers (Arab is next)
And those who strives for Us – We will surely guide them to our ways. And indeed, Allah swt is with the doers of good. Quran 29:69
Jazakum Allah khairan
Truly Yours
Abu Mujahid