Quran Class for Kids


Brothers and sisters,
Assalamu Alaikum

I am writing for “Kids Quran Class” which shall begin tomorrow.

Class information:
1- The class is twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) for one hour each class (6 pm – 7 pm).
2- We have three levels.
3- The tuition fee is 2000 Yen per child.
4- Transportation (place & time):
– The first stop is front of Shiroham School at 5:10 pm.
– The second stop is front of the Friend Shop at 5:15 pm.
– The third stop is in Takasuma Danchi at 5:40 pm.

All the best,


4 Responses to Quran Class for Kids

  1. Salat says:


    Jazak AK for doing this. Can you share your notes online inshallah? I wont be able to make it at the moment;

    Thank you so much

  2. Ahmed Tarek Hassan says:

    I need to know the way to go to the fukouka mosque

  3. TajweedLearner20851 says:


    Is there any Tajweed or Hifz Quran Classes for adults? I am looking for someone to listen to my Hifz and Tajweed inshallah. Jazak AK

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