Implanting an artificial tooth



Dear Imam Mohsen

I have a severe periodontitis disease, then I have to pull the tooth.But i am not feel comfort after loosing the tooth, If i use the imitation tooth. How is the law in islam for using imitation tooth ( Implant tmitation tooth)? Coud you please explain to me? thankyou for your attention.


The answer:
Praise be to Allah.
There is nothing wrong with implanting an artificial tooth in place of a broken tooth, whether the implant is permanent or temporary.
The Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) gave permission to one of the Sahaabah Arfajah Ibn Asa’d (may Allah be pleased with him) whose nose had been cut off to use a nose made of silver, but it began to smell bad, so he gave him permission to use a nose made of gold (Narrated by Abu Dawood), so he used a nose made of gold.
Similarly, if the teeth fall out, then one may use false teeth instead, and there is nothing wrong with that.
Also there is nothing wrong with leaving it in place after a person dies; there are no shar’i reservations about burying a person with an artificial tooth.
And Allah knows best.
Mohsen Shaker Bayoumy
Imam Of Osaka Ibaraki Mosque



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