Muslim-all mailing list Organizing Rules

Section 1 : Definition

“Muslim-all” is a mailing list established by Fukuoka Masjid for all Muslims who are currently staying–or were previously staying– in Fukuoka City.

Section 2 : Goals

“Muslim-all” mailing list has three primary goals:

  1. Encourage the collaboration and thought exchange, for matters that are important for Fukuoka Masjid, members of the mailing lists, and their daily lives or any other matters. By doing so each one can actively participate in elevating Islam and the status of our community. ( e. g. exchange information, asking help … etc).
  2. Announce the activities and the events managed by Fukuoka Masjid.
  3. Strengthen our brotherhood by social communications between Muslims ( exchange condolences, congratulations … etc).

Section 3 : General Guidelines

This section describes the guidelines of the mailing list, which means that those guidelines are preferred ones but not mandatory. However, following those rules will help us to maximize the benefits of the mailing list, will help to make your message reach to all of the members, and will help to strengthen our brotherhood by encouraging communication will all Muslims in our community.

Please; bear in mind that by sending a message in this mailing list, your are sending message to each and every Muslim in this mailing list regardless of their nationality and their mother tongue. So please try o keep those guidelines.

All members should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Using English Language; which is the working language of the group ( if you cannot avoiding using other languages, at least you should address a summary in English).
    Since our community has many Muslims from many different nationalities and different languages, and English is the second languages the most of our community can communicate with as a common language. Also according to the teaching of Islam, two Muslims should not communicate without incorporating the third Muslim, we should be careful to use the language that the majority can understand in this mailing list, because using your own language may be considered inappropriate from other people’s point of view. So please let us be like brothers and care for each other.
  2. All message should be properly titled. Such that, the title of the message should indicate its content (for saving members time if not interested).

Section 4 : Prohibitions

This section describes the prohibition that each member must not do while using the mailing list.
Prohibited for all members:

  1. Announcing about any campaign or collecting money for any purpose. This rule aims to prevent defrauding. That is to prevent sending malicious emails that request apparently donation for some country or other part, while actually collecting money for the sender of the malicious email by cheating people.
  2. Bothering members by sending too many commercial advertisements to the group for the purpose of making business.
    Note : Selling your personal stuff ( your own car, sayonara sale …etc.) is not considered commerce.

Section 5 : Others

  1. Moderators Boards consists of representatives of communities living in Fukuoka, for the ease of adding new comers, and for considering differences between cultures.

Section 6 : Conflict Settlement

This section describes the procedures that will be taken in case of conflict. A

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