First Friday/Jumuah Prayers in Chikushi Campus

Assalammualaikum respected brothers and sisters,

We want to announced that today, 21st March 2014 will be the first time we will be offering our first Friday/Jumuah Prayers in Chikushi campus. It will be held in 710, Level 7,C-Cube Building.

More detail can contact Bro.Ahmed, Egypt 090-9494-8403
Nik, Malaysia 080-4417-5713



Nik Mohd Izual
on behalf KUMSA 2014

2 Responses to First Friday/Jumuah Prayers in Chikushi Campus

  1. mad2 says:

    Is the Friday prayer going to be offered every week? Can you please put the address? (Can non-student enter campus to pray?)

    Also, is there a Tahfeez Qur’an school in Fukuoka? Can we make donation to build one?

    Jazak Allah Khairan

  2. hilmi says:

    in the meantime, we are planning to do it every week.unless it is holiday, we might pray at the mosque. The campus is open for public. do come around 1220 because usually we will try to finish it prayer before 1 pm.

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