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Kagoshima Masjid Campaign

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Assallamoalaikum Brothers!

After we have been searching and screening buildings for our Masjed for quite long time of struggle, we just found a very suitable building at road 225, just near Daiei Store and 400 m from Ryugakusei Kaikan. It is 349.7 Sqm land area and 471 Sqm floor area (3-stories hospital plus 2-stories house). Considering the great location, land area, good condition of building, and v good price, it is the most suitable building we ever found so far in Kagoshima. So the Masjed and Shura committees decided to buy it for Kagoshima Masjed and Islamic Center. We signed a primary contract and paid 5 million JPY whereas the deadline for completion of the payment is 19 April 2014. See attached poster