Funeral Service


Fukuoka Masjid provide funeral service for the Muslims living in Japan. In case of death please contact following person as soon as possible.

1) Br. Nourreddin (Imam of Masjid)
2) Br. Ishaq (Staff)
3) Br. Omar Nakamura (Staff)

The funeral service consists of following:

  1. Gusal (Washing dead boby)
  2. Preparing Kaffan
  3. Janaza Parayer
  4. Burial at one of the graveyards in Japan

Please note that at present there is no Muslim graveyard in Kyushu. Fukuoka Masjid will coordinate with the other Islamic Organizations in Japan to find the appropriate grave. There are no charges of funeral service, however there are charges for grave, transportation and grave preparation. The cost varies according the graveyard in Japan. Following documents are required for burial in Japan

  1. Copy of Death Certificate from Hospital/Doctor
  2. Copy of Burial Permission from City/Town/Ward Office of the deceased.

For more information contact the above mentioned person.

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  1. えんじ says:

    Thank you for this information for funeral services. I well tell my freinds and family in case a Janazat happens. Does the masjid have someone who speaks Japanese? Also*** The Japanese Website of Fukuoka Masjid seems to be broken, can you please fix it?

    Jazak Allah Khair and Salamualaikum

  2. えんじ says:

    One more question. Is there a Islamic Will template for those whom live in Japan. Online I found USA, England, Etc… Templates, but is there one for Japan?

  3. mad says:

    seems that japanese version of the website still could not be viewed. or is it my computer problem.

    thank you.

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