Masjid Reservation

Dear Brothers & Sisters

Assalam alaikum

I would like to bring your attentions to the following information.
In order to manage the reservation system of the masjid, we would like to urge you  to abide by the following rules;

  1. Please make your reservation through Bro. Ishak and fill up the reservation form,
  2. At least 3 days advance reservation is required before anybody or any group can make use of reserved place,
  3. And failing to abide by the above rules can result the rejection of your reservation therefore be aware of it.

Thank you all for your understanding & cooperation


Masjid Staff

2 Responses to Masjid Reservation

  1. Abd Razak bin Alias says:

    As Salam Bro. if we are ordinary tourist to Fukuoka, and want to visit the masjid, do we still need to apply for a reservation? . in Malaysia no reservation is required whenever anytime to wanting to visit most of the masjids here.
    Thank you.

    • admin_PG says:

      Reservation is required when someone or a community want to use Fukuoka Masjid facilities. Visiting or coming to masjid to pray does not require a reservation. If you come in a group and require a guidance, please contact our Imam.

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