Zakat ul Fitr 1435H by Fukuoka Masjid


Fukuoka Masjid is collecting Zakat ul Fitr 300 yen per person.
It will be distributed outside Japan.

The reason for setting 300 yen per person is following :

  1. It will be distributed outside Japan.
  2. The amount is calculated based on the main food of those countries.

Therefore this amount cannot be generalized for Japan. Please put the zakat ul Fitr on the special dedicated box placed near to main entrance gate of Masjid.

The zakat ul Fitr will be collected until 9:00 o’clock morning of Eid ul Fitr. The box will be removed when the above deadline passes, therefore please give your zakat ul Fitr as soon as possible.

You may also send zakat it Fitr to Fukuoka masjid by postal account as show below:

Account Name: FIC福岡マスジドアンヌールイスラミックセンタ
Account number: 17440-19884471

Deadline for postal transfer : July 25, 16:00 hrs.

After transfer please inform us by sending email at

Fukuoka Masjid

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