Masjid Objectives

The main objective of Fukuoka Masjid “Al Nour Islamic Culture Center” is to serve best interests of Islam and Muslims in Kyushu Area. To fulfill this objective, the Masjid shall

  • Arrange and hold congregational prayers and Islamic religious activities at appropriate times.
  • Promote unity and joint action among the Muslims. Access Map:
  • Conduct social, cultural, and religious activities in the best traditions of Islam.
  • Promote friendly relations between all Muslims.
  • Serve as a reliable information source about Islam for non‐Muslims.

Contact Information
Name: FIC Fukuoka Islamic Center
Bank: Fukuoka Bank Branch: Hakozaki Account
Type: Ordinary (Futsu)
Account Number: 2137459
Postal Account: CENTER
Address: 〒812-0053 Fukuoka-shi, Higashi-ku, Hakozaki 3-2-18
[〒812-0053 福岡市東区箱崎3丁目2-18 ]
Email: information@fukuokamasjid.org
Website: www.fukuokamasjid.org
Tel/Fax: 092 – 641-7022 

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